Watercolor Sidewalks

by Anita Ranae

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released October 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Anita Ranae Grand Rapids, Michigan

Thoughtful, faith-tinged acoustic indie folk that celebrates the everyday with a light dose of poetry and a heavy dose of strings.

Find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/anitaranaemusic/

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Track Name: Growing Up Slowly
Painted watercolor sidewalks marred by hurried, muddy feet
Seems like everybody's running, and they're all ahead of me
Rows of other people's milestones line the streets I travel through
I'm keeping company with weakness, keeping company with You

I'm growing up slowly
Growing up only a day at a time
And it can get lonely
But I'm growing up slowly with grace in my stride

Show me beauty in these sidewalks, in the holy daily grind
If I had it all together, there'd be nothing left to find
So on this road of expectations, be the standard I hold to
Lord, remind me of my smallness; remind me I'm with You

Maybe dependence isn't always something to be fought
And maybe repentance isn't always something to be taught
But to be given and received

Growing up slowly
Growing up only a day at a time
And it can get lonely
But I'm growing up slowly with grace in my stride
With grace by my side
Track Name: Water
Dry sand, dry tongue
Dry eyes narrowed in the sun
Who has lost and who has won in the desert?

Not a drop to spare
All scrambling for a share
No such thing as playing fair in the desert

But look up, look around
This is not a battleground

This is water of the deep, blue shimmering kind
There's more than enough to go around

Little lives of scarcity
We're all fighting for the bigger piece
We are far too easily pleased in the desert

So take a rest from the race
Dive on in and take your place
Let this rich, extravagant grace flood the desert

Oh, look up, look around
Drink it in and be astounded
Track Name: Epilogue
How many hours in a day?
After ninety-eight years, they all start to look the same
Prolific as words on a page
From the stories that sigh on shelves kept by aides

How does it feel to live in the epilogue
And depend on characters in chapter three?

How many hours in a day?
In ninety-nine years, that's one thing that hasn't changed
Now you're wrinkled and rosy and grey
That sepia girl just a face in a frame

How does it feel to live as an open book
Passed by younger folks who don't stop to read?

How does it feel to be mother and wife but no longer a daughter or friend?
How does it feel to look back on your life and know you're only pages from the end?
Is this how you thought it would end?

Now your one hundred years are a day
Your pages lie closed in a cold glass display
There are stories you never did say
But somehow I know you'll tell me someday.
Track Name: Stones
Even the ground, it trembles at his feet
Every army hides in fear
And now your pounding heart plays to the beat
Of his footsteps drawing near, oh

You have killed lions with your sling and stone
But now this is something else
Facing your giant you stand all alone
You don't have to do this by yourself
So come with me awhile

You won't fit into my armor
It wasn't made for you
And my sword was never yours to own
So let me walk beside you
In the dry riverbed
And help you find your stones

People will try to force their words on you
Their heavy weapons weigh you down
But I offer silence, let it grow into
Courage to stand your battleground
Oh, come with me awhile

Around and around we go
And when the giant will fall
Only heaven knows
Track Name: Home
Empty shelves and plain white walls
Cardboard boxes line the halls
Back to where we started
Never got too settled down
Knowing this was just for now like it always is
'Cause we are always foreigners

Where what we have is good enough
And who I am is good enough for now
Or at least it better do

Home is a place I've never been
Home is a state I'm always in
'Cause you always meet me where I am
And that's what makes any place home

Picture frames and ticking clocks
Don't forget to change the locks
'Cause there's no going back now
Travel light and travel far
Take what fits inside the car and leave the rest
'Cause you can't take it with you

But what we have is good enough
And who I am is good enough for now
We'll always make it do

You say you'll make a place for me
Oh, what a wonderful place that will be
And I will finally be
Home, home
Track Name: Some Things
There's some things you just can't change
Like hearts and minds and when it rains
There's some things you just can't see
Like what could have been and what will be

So hold on, hold on

There's some things you just can't fake
'Cause love is always give and take
There's some things you just can't keep
'Cause sometimes the cost is too steep

So hold on, hold on, hold on
Hope is coming soon, hope is coming soon

So pack away your worries in the attic of your mind
Open up the windows, let the dust dance in the light

There's some things you have to say
Before those moments slip away
There's some chances you have to take
'Cause some things are worth a mistake

So hold on, hold on, hold on
Hope is coming soon
Track Name: Black Coffee
A trembling reflection in a cup of coffee dark
Is my heart really as black as that?
Now all my transgressions, they line up cold and stark
Can my heart ever recover from that?

Take me to the mission field of my own soul
Take this cup of bitterness and make me whole
Lead me in the quietness of Your pure and holy heart
Make me Your flawed but perfect work of art

Chasing perfection for the sake of accolades
When will I ever stop needing more?
It's a tempting confection, but the taste quickly fades
Why do I keep going back for more?

Oh, I am more wretched than I'll ever know
But more loved than I ever dared to hope
I am more wretched than I'll ever know
But more loved than I ever dared to hope, so I'll hold on

Still my reflection in a cup of coffee dark
Yet my heart feels so much lighter than that
Track Name: Argue With Me
All my shades are drawn, no light shining on my mess
I'm preoccupied, fully satisfied with less than you

All my doors are locked, I don't want to talk to you
Ignorance is bliss, so why would I listen to your knocking?

But I've got this suspicion
That I've got this all wrong

Argue with me, don't let me win
Keep knocking till I have no choice but to let you in

Warm inside my cave, no, I don't need saving here
Got no enemy, only apathy and fear of failing you

Some days I wish you'd just break down my stubborn door
But I know you never will
You'll just keep knocking, knocking, knocking, oh
Track Name: Windows & Doors
I've got this old memory, we were cooped up indoors
Rain on the tin roof like a Beethoven score
Kept staring at chipped paint on the green windowsill
Wondering what else could lie just over that hill

Ten long years of searching, that question still stands
And the farther I reach the more slips out of my hands
Now there's a new lover in that old weathered window
And I stand outside and wonder why I ever let go

Oh, I never really thought about what windows are for
'Cause I keep on trying to use my windows as doors
I'll see it in time
How life keeps rolling on
And how to write new words to an old familiar song

The thing about windows, from what I can tell
Is the closer you look the more you look at yourself
Well, life's a chipped mirror I keep trying to see through
Confusing what used to be with what is still true

All that I can say is, my time isn't here
Maybe I need a few more growing-up years
I'm glad that you're happy, now I'll turn my head
From windows behind me to doors up ahead
Track Name: Jasmine
Let me take you by the hand
Where the jasmine flowers grew
A thousand petals embracing the evening on cue
When the early monsoon rain
Was the only force they knew
And their innocent fragrance would wash over you
Oh, I miss that view

Then one day they built a wall
Where the jasmine flowers grew
And made the fairest of gardens a white petal tomb
Now there's concrete and barbed wire
Where the jasmine flowers grew
And all the world sees are headlines and fault lines and feuds
And I'm missing you

Won't you breathe the air with me
Where the jasmine flowers grew
In the dark there hangs a hint of their heady perfume
May dark bring their bloom.
Track Name: Nevertheless
In the gift of shepherding grace
In the home not tethered to place
In the hope that can't be erased
You have been good to us

In the ache that longs for relief
In the doubt that leads to belief
In the weight of secondhand grief
You have been good to us

Though the world has heaped shame on our shoulders
And we're reaching the edge of our trust
Oh, nevertheless, You are still good to us

Though our hearts are willing and weak
Though our tongues are still learning to speak
Though our eyes forget who to seek
You have been good to us

Though we can''t lift the shame from our shoulders
And our frames are returning to dust
Oh, nevertheless, You are still good to us

You have taken our shame on Your shoulders
And although you are perfectly just
Oh, nevertheless, You are still good to us
Nevertheless, You are still good to us